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Album Available on Spotify and Apple Music.
       "The Book of Norman"

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I retired four years ago  from a very successful lifetime career-  Fifty years of being a Carpenter, Forty years of being a General Contractor. Thirty Five years of living, working and raising a family in Oakridge, Oregon. 

My Dad was a mandolin player and my grandfather was an old time fiddler and mountain man from the Adirondacks. All my uncles and several of my cousins  are musicians. Family get -togethers always included music. So from the time I was old enough to listen I was soaking in music. Old time Country, Bluegrass and Gospel. I learned how to play guitar t when I was 15. So I guess you could say I was a musician before I was a carpenter. 

I love music of all types,  and have been influenced by bluegrass, traditional country, folk, and of course the world  changing musical awakening of the folk and rock of the 60's that coincided with my own personal awakening of my teen years. 

I have been writing songs for about fifteen years and so my performances are mostly made of originals with a few covers of artists and songs that I believe in.

Now with a little more time for it, I've traded my hammer for an Axe - Guitar that is. 

During the past two years,  my guitar and music has been a at the core of my pandemic survival. 

Three years ago I moved from Oregon to Chimacum, not far from Port Townsend Washington,  I've made a few new musician friends, performed at a few venues, festivals, events and private parties. 

I'm planning on my second album.

Stay tuned......


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